Breaking the Snooze Cycle

I am so lucky. I ride my bicycle to work through some gorgeous New Mexico scenery. I have my regular route so on weekends I like to explore the unknown paths around River City. Someday I will create a map for visitors who want to share a wonderful outdoor experience. Meanwhile, I am contemplating a small problem – I can’t get up in the morning at my preferred time. I don’t know why I am suffering from a common complaint as nothing much has changed in my life. It could be what I am eating, but I have not altered my diet. It could be a new regimen at the gym, but that hardly seems to be a viable culprit. I do have a lot on my mind, and that could account for trouble rising. It seems to me that you must be rested and relaxed to get up promptly at the sound of your alarm clock.

My alarm clock isn’t that old so it has all the usual bells and whistles and you can program it with ease. I don’t use the radio as blaring music is not my idea of the best way to greet the day. It worked when I was a teenager, but not anymore. I have tried the nature noises and do like a few of them, such as the one with waves gently crashing against the shore. It creates nice imagery in your mind. I still have trouble, however, and am thinking about using the sunrise simulation setting which generates soft, mellow light to encourage you to wake up. I love the idea and it does work well. These new alarm clocks are wonders. It is really a unique experience to see the variety of colored light you can select.

If you are thinking about getting a new clock, by all means, consider those with sunrise and sunset settings. You can choose from five or six sounds of nature and a range of colors sure to please. I read this blog post and now believe I am going to master my little problem. You would think that a nice bike ride would be enough to stimulate me in the morning. Now I have a little help. No more being late to work or having to miss breakfast. No more revving up the car because it is faster than riding my bike. There are multiple ways to start your day, so go for what suits your mood. You can program your clock to wake up with different nature sounds every day in rotation. The colored hues make for a great night light as well.

When I was a kid, all I needed was a “rise and shine” from mom and the smells of bacon cooking. Now I have to be more inventive about controlling my routine. With the help of new technology, I have it all at hand. A few simple buttons on the clock will result in morning bliss.