This House Has Me Questioning Light Bulbs

I ride the same trails as a rule when I feel like taking my bike out for a day. One day I had a different adventure as I rode to the next town. I stopped for a break and a purchased lunch at the local diner. This time I had not prepared a snack as I often do for convenience. Right next door was the cutest antique store, unexpected right there on Main Street along with the usual regional business—a hardware/general store, a small grocery, a butcher shop and a toy emporium. There must be a prototype for small American towns with all these included in every plan.

I selected the antique shop since I enjoy things of yesteryear. I have a few old things not the least of which is a vintage ceiling fan. I found it at a yard sale and not a fancy store. It cost very little and now I know why. One of the bulbs in the brass central fixture has burned out. I have never had to replace one before and wasn’t sure I would find just the right shape and size. It looked like a chandelier light to me. The shop seemed like the right place to ask since I spotted a few such fans in the ceiling inside. The proprietor was only too happy to help. I wanted to know if I could use the new LED bulbs in my old vintage ceiling fan. My gosh! Here I was questioning light bulbs for my Ceiling Fan Choice when I could be out on my bike riding back home. It was as good a time as ever and I got my answer fast. The store owner told me that the bluish quality of an LED light would clash with the older soft glow. He had some filament bulbs in the back room and he would be happy to sell me just one. I glanced at the size and it seemed perfect. Let me tell you that chandelier lights are not all of one size! I was afraid of making a mistake but he assured me that the larger size was typical of the old ceiling fans. I put the purchase in my pocket and set out to regain my bike.

Upon returning home, I retrieved the bulb which was in good order. It was easy to insert in the empty socket and when I turned the unit on, it was perfect. All the individual lights matched. You may not think this is important, but I do. If you buy an antique object, you want it to look right. If another bulb blows in the future, I know just where to go. It is a nice bike ride in any case and I wouldn’t mind a longer look around the antique store. I was too distracted by my mission to take the time. Next time, I will enjoy all the goodies on display.